07.12.2014 Internationale Rassehundeaustellung Kassel, Richterin Dr.  Verena Neuburger, Schweiz


res. JCAC
bereits sehr kraftvoll und kontrolliert in der Bewegung zeigt sich der Rüde, ausdruckstarker Kopf, gute Halslänge, korrekte Rute, gute Brusttiefe, Winkelungen ok, Stand gerade, aufmerksam, gut präsentiert

KiboJugendklasse RüdenV3mächtiger Rüde, sehr lebhaft, Rücken ok, Winkelungen ok, gutes Haar, schöne Otterrute, im Stand gerade, in der Bewegung kraftvoll

06.12.2014 Nationale Rassehundeaustellung Kassel, Richterin Angela Hancock, GB


V4a lovely 11 month old yellow, very mature for his age, nice clean neck, good shoulder, level topline & tailset, good turn of stifle, well presented
KiboJugendklasse RüdenV15 month old black, typical head & expression, good front & shoulder placement, good depth, good topline & tailset, very mature for his age

16.10.2014 Bundessieger Ausstellung Dortmund, Richter Philippe Lammens (of Misty Dreams), Fr


V2, VDH + DRC res. JCAC
nice type, excellent head, expressions and pigmentation, excellent top line, tail set, a little bit straight in upper arm, well angulated shoulder, just enough angulated in back, very nice body in good proportion for the moment, good bone and feet, excellent movement

KiboJugendklasse RüdenV3
strong dog, good type, good head and expressions, good neck, topline and tailset, excellent front and back angulation, good body, powerful backend, excellent coat, nice deep body, looks still a bit puppy, moved well, a dog with very good quality for the breed

13.09.2014 LCD Spezial-Rassehunde Ausstellung Paderborn, Richterin Rosa Agostini (Rosemade), I

NemoJüngstenklasse Rüden

VV18 month old, correct bite, lovely head + expressions, correct eyes for shape + colour, nice neck, correct shoulder angulation, would prefer bit longer arm, very nice deep chest, breast still developing, correct topline + tailset, nice rear angulation, correct coat, moved well for age
KiboJugendklasse RüdenV3
12 month old, nice strong dog, correct bite, lovely head, very typical, excellent eyes for shape + colour, excellent reach of neck + shoulder, would prefer bit longer arm, correct front angulation, lovely deep chest, excellent ribcage, excellent topline, correct tailset, correct rear angulation, moves well but a bit wide in front

07.09.2014 Internationale Rassehunde Ausstellung Giessen, Richter Jan Erik Ek, Schweden

NemoJüngstenklasse Rüden

VV1nice eyecatching puppy, masculine head with a good expression, lovely outline, excellent body for age, good bone and feet, short coupled nice wide of thights, move and shows well
KiboJugendklasse RüdenV2, VDH JCh. res., LCD JCAC res.

nice black dog, masculine head, nice expressions, good neck and shoulder, good bone and feet, excellent body, good coat texture, good tail, moved ok

16.08.2014 LCD Spezial-Rassehunde Ausstellung Bordeshom, Richterin Carol Reynolds (Carromer), GB

NemoJüngstenklasse Rüden

VV17 month yellow, lovley head + pigmentation, good shoulder, plenty of bone, good tail set, nice angles for one so young, moved soundly, showing very well for handle, nice balanced dog, very promising
KiboJugendklasse RüdenV1, VDH JCh., LCD JCAC
12 month black, lovely head + expression, good reach neck, well placed shoulders, nice angles, good double coat, showed very well, needs to settle down on movement, nice youngster

26.07.2014 DRC Spezial-Rassehunde Ausstellung Hoisdorf, Richterin Pia Itkonen (Countrylove´s), Finland

NemoJüngstenklasse Rüden

VV1Sweet boy who has been home at dinnertime, nice outline, promising head, lovely eye colour + pigmentation, exc. neck, exc. rib cage under some extra kilos, marvellous front chest, nicely angulated, lovely colour, correct coat texture, puppish movement, nice + happy temperament
KiboJugendklasse RüdenSG 4Happy black youngster, has left his top strong coat home today, nice side profile on head, good expression, nice neck and back line, nice angulations rear, short hock, promising rib cage, nice front, would like to see sounder movements - the price comes because of that.

19.07.2014 LCD Spezial-Rassehunde Ausstellung Gelsenkirchen, Richterin Sussie Wiles (Richbourne), GB

NemoJüngstenklasse Rüden

VV16 month old yellow of excellent breed type, beautifully balanced head, with good pigmentation and kind eye + expression, good reach of neck, well developed chest for age, excellent bone, correct coat, moved well for age
KiboJugendklasse RüdenV2, VDH JCh. res + LCD JCAC res.black of excellent type, shown in good coat + condition, masculine head of good proportions + kind expression, strong neck of good reach, leading into a level topline, excellent bone and neet feed, moved ok when settled

29.06.2014 Work & Show Lennestadt, Richter Beppe Massia, Italy

NemoJüngstenklasse Rüden

6 month puppy with great structure and bone. beautiful head, eye and pigmentation - he needs to fill out a little but is growing well - correct movement
KiboJugendklasse RüdenV10 month well-contructed male in perfect synchrony with the handler - with correct body that is growing - correct expression and neck clean - very tonic movement but correct when he walks
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